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From the Pastor's Desk (July 30, 2017)  

Life has many surprises. After an earthquake, a small boy is found alive under the rubble four days later. In the aftermath of devastating ice storm people are willing to reach out and help each other unselfishly. In the pain of a critical illness, a family learns the beauty of caring for each other.

I hope you all have had the opportunity to read the Book of Micah since our last newsletter. Our sermon series Restoration: A Study of the Book of Micah is two weeks in with two more to go. Prayerfully we are all finding ways to look at our own context of ministry and our lives as we look through the lens of the ancient Hebrews.

Micah, the prophet, has his share of surprises for us. In a sinful, battered and broken society, he brings the word of hope. In the middle of judgment and discipline he speaks of grace.

This is what we as a post-Messiah, Christ-centered community are called to offer—bring the word of hope and in the middle of judgment and discipline speak grace. But it often seems a difficult task in today’s context to bring hope and grace. Many of us find it easier to condemn and judge. But that is not our vocation.

I recently read a colleague’s short reflections on part of Micah, he wrote about, “Christ vision for our vocation, how work is a way we reflect the image of God, and how the perfect Son of God worked on our behalf to defeat sin and death so that we might be saved to bring him glory…even through our vocations.”

So that’s why we work. But how are we to work? What does it look like to live out the image of God in our various vocations in our church? Micah 6 teaches us how we are to work and gives us three applications for our daily lives.

Work without wickedness “The voice of the Lord cries to the city…Your rich men are full of violence; your inhabitants speak lies, and their tongue is deceitful in their mouth. Therefore I strike you with a grievous blow, making you desolate because of your sins.” (Micah 6:9,12-13)

Work with justice, kindness, and humility “He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?” (verse 8)

Work with daily faithfulness “With what shall I come before the Lord, and bow myself before God on high?”…What does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?” (6,8)

Micah is so good! I would love to hear the reflections and challenges that you hear as we face this prophetic this ancient prophet as we examine who is God and where do we look for our restoration!

Peace and Love in Christ, 

Pastor Nancy




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